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Office & Storage Unit Floorplans

Looking for mobile storage or portable office space for your project? Mobile-Stor in Billings, Montana has what you need. Have specific needs or require greater versatility at your location? We can customize the units to meet your specifications and allow you to work more productively - focusing on what you do best. Our mobile office and storage units are ideal for construction sites as well as special events and are available for rent or purchase. We Deliver to your location.

Mobile-Stor has a wide variety of mobile office and storage units available to meet your needs. To help you decide which office or storage unit is right for you we have included floorplans of the various layouts in pdf format. Just click on the buttons below to view detailed floorplans annd additional information for each unit size and type.

Mobile Storage Unit Floorplans

Mobile Office Units

Whether you need a mobile office for your construction site or a special event, we can provide what you need. Choose from one of our standard floorplans or ask us about customizing a unit for you. Mobile office units can be rented short or long term and are also available for puchase!

  66' x 14' Mobile Office      

  56' x 12' Mobile Office      

  44' x 12' Mobile Office      

  42' x 10' Mobile Office (A)

  42' x 10' Mobile Office (B)

  40' x 12' Mobile Office      

  40' x 10' Mobile Office (A)

  40' x 10' Mobile Office (B)

  36' x 10' Mobile Office (A)

  36' x 10' Mobile Office (B)

  32' x 10' Mobile Office      

  30' x 8' Mobile Office        

  24' x 10' Mobile Office      

On-Ground Office Units

Our on-ground office units sit right on the ground and allow easier entrance without the need for stairs like our wheeled mobile office units. They are the ultimate in stability and comfort when you need a temporary mobile office at your site! Available for lease or purchase.

  30' x 8' On-Ground Office (A)

  30' x 8' On-Ground Office (B)

  30' x 8' On-Ground Office (C)

  20' x 8'-6" On-Ground Office  

  20' x 8' On-Ground Office       

Mobile Storage Units

Mobile storage units from Mobile-Stor range in size from 8' x 5' to 8' x 40' units. All of These storage containers are highly secure, weather resistant, and extremely tough. We can also customize these units to your specifications - from high security to explosion resistant units.

We can also provide larger units if required and have a variety of door options to suit your needs including: swinging, double, over-head & walk-thru doors on one end or both!

Mobile-Stor has exactly what you need for storage an at affordable pricing too! Contact us today for more info about having a mobile storage container delivered to your location.

Mobile Office/Storage Units

Our mobile office/storage combination units provide the convenience and security of having your mobile office and some room for storage in the same handy building. Great for contractors who keep some tools and smaller equipment on the job site.

Need additional mobile storage? Just add one of our various sizes of mobile storage containers for the ultimate in strong and secure storage where you need it most.

  35' x 8' Office/Storage      

  28'-10" x 8' Office/Storage

  24' x 8' Office/Storage (A)

  24' x 8' Office/Storage (B)

Customized Units

In addition to our many standard floorplans for mobile office units and storage containers, Mobile-Stor has the ability to customize units to meet your specific requirements. We have customized thousands of mobile offices and storage containers over the years for a wide range of applications and the options are endless. Some of our customization capabilities include: electrical, plumbing, welding and carpentry modifications.

We can customize mobile offices and storage containers for uses in the oil fields, refineries, blast resistance buildings, fire training building, de-contamination buildings, showers, wash facilities and many more.

Contact us today to learn more about our many customization options for your mobile office or mobile storage needs!

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